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La Société d'aménagement de la rivière Madawaska et du lac Témiscouata (SARMLT) est un organisme inter-provincial, sans but lucratif, ayant comme mandat:

  1. La protection et la mise en valeur de l'environnement aquatique
  2. L'éducation et la sensibilisation à l'environnement aquatique
  3. Le développement récréo-touristique
  4. Le développement durable à l'échelle locale

La SARMLT a réalisé plusieurs projets différents au cours des années, autant sur le plan écologique que récréo-touristique.

Pour plus d'information, communiquez avec nos bureaux au (506) 739-1992, (418) 853-3593 ou par courriel au .

Agriculture Building in Alberta

Alberta is the second agricultural producer in Canada with 22% of farm cash receipts. It has over 70,000 farmers. Their agricultural products are diverse ranging from crop products to livestock products, this is what has built the economy of Alberta as well as Canada. This is why agriculture has a significant position in this area and it’s taken seriously. Lately many farmers are working with to develop farm structures. This is to ensure they have a consistent income being generated.

Exposure of the heavy machines to the weather will definitely damage your machines hence incurring a big loss. Also some of the farm produce are meant to be stored in doors or else they will perish. That is why most of these farmers need agricultural buildings that will act as warehouses for their heavy machines, storage rooms for their farm produce, offices for their business transaction.

Farmers are looking for agricultural buildings that are energy efficient, cost effective and durable. There are many types of agricultural building depending on your farm produce.

This include the post frame buildings that can be; rigid frame steel buildings, rigid frame clear span steel building, arch wall cold storage building, two meridian arch wall building and many more.

The advantages of the agricultural building is: it can withstand any weather including the snow and wind load. Previously many farm products have rotten especially on the winter weather, but with this construction, that is long gone story. It is energy efficient, the materials used are friendly to your products for instance the lighting has less glares that does not affect your products as well as the health of the workers. The building materials are cost effective and also durable. The building will stand for as many years to pass by especially if you have the right contractors and materials.

With the right contractors, it takes less time to construct the building, the materials used are locally and readily available, hence very cheap. The building are constructed according to the agricultural produce. Its major function is to have appropriate conditions for the agricultural produce. For instance, Alberta is known for the production of wheat grain. Hence the buildings are meant to be well ventilated for the aeration.

The moisture content and temperature within the agricultural building should be optimum for the grains. It is also good to consider the noises they produce and how you can minimize it.

In general when building this agricultural buildings, one must consider their produce and its character, also durability and maximum efficiency. This way you get an agricultural building suited for you and your business.